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Personal Details

Full Name James Michael Wright
Occupation Software Engineer
Born 1964
Nationality British with permanent Czech residence
Marital Status Married to a Czech citizen with 3 children.
Mobile +420 605 422286
Email jim at wright dot cz

Summary & Objectives

Jim aimed for independence early in his career. His main strengths are technical but he is experienced in business and successfully marketed services to end customers between 1996 and 2002.

He has frequently worked behind the front line in major IT developments. He contributed to early development of digital mobile phone technology, workflow systems at IBM, and Web services & SOA governance at Systinet. He was an early enthusiast for Linux and the internet.

His pervasive interest has been in software engineering and development processes. His experience with parsing, code generation and documentation systems make DOM, XSL and XML Schema his natural Java/XML specializations.

Contract & Employment Experience

Start date Summary Experience
November 2006 mgm technology partners

Received Intershop Enfinity training and worked on a number of projects for Intershop. Roles included:

  • Nightly build, database migration and deployment to a Linux test cluster - all fully automatic. (
  • Web 2.0 prototype development (Ajax, DHTML and client-side XSLT).
  • Front-end development based on third-party web designs. (Specialty Stores on
  • Development of prototype Java components for integration with supplier web services and EDI/AS2 interfaces.
  • Generation of sample catalog data using XSLT. Import and syndication.

Joined a team using open-source technologies to develop online TV guides for Sony tvtv:

  • Designed grid view for CEHTML-enabled TV sets. Implemented back-end and integrated third-party web design for Kabel Deutschland . (The grid view displays the duration of each programme visually against a dynamic timeline.)
  • Set up Javascript unit tests and HTML validation tests. Introduced use of JMock for unit test of external interfaces.
  • Managed changes resulting from enhancements to external web services

Became part of a new team developing the company's open-architecture e-shop framework:

  • Used XSLT to obtain multilingual sample data from existing web pages and generate SQL
  • Developed scripts to create test/development databases from the latest data model and sample data
  • Designed/implemented Lucene-based product search.
Linux, Windows, Java, JavaScript (JQuery,, HTML, CEHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, XML Schema, JAXB, JAXP, EDI, AS2, WSDL, Velocity, Ruby on Rails, Intershop Enfinity, Hibernate, Oracle, Lucene, E-commerce (B2B, B2C), Electronic (TV) Programme Guide, Subversion, Ant, LuntBuild, PMD, JUnit, JMock
March 2004 Systinet s.r.o., Prague

Developed and maintained systems for DocBook HTML/PDF documentation, integrated help and auto-generated documentation of XML Schemas, taxonomies and data models. Also developed and documented product demos and documentation tests. Used mainly XSL but also Java, Ant, Schematron, JavaScript and CSS.

Formed cross-product documentation team, interviewing candidates, documenting processes and acting as leader for the first 6 months. Wrote or proofread many technically demanding product areas and developed procedures/scripts for backup, J2EE deployment etc.

Linux, Windows, XSL, Java, C#, C++, Systinet Server, Systinet 2, WSDL, XML, XSL, XML Schema, DOM, Schematron, WS Policy, JTidy, JavaScript, CSS , Web Services, XML Repository, UDDI, Tibco/Rendezvous and JMS (SonicMQ, WebSphere) integration, LDAP, J2EE, Single Sign-on , CVS, Ant, JUnit, DocBook
November 2003 Bohemian Enterprise.

Developed technical and business plans for OCR postprocessing software in Java and C++.

Red Hat Linux, Windows, Java, C++, DOM, JTidy, XSL, OCR postprocessing, Ant, JUnit
February 2002 PanEris and Sundayta Ltd.

Developed a prototype database administration system based on Melati for the Child Brain Injury Trust.

Developed HTML processing and OCR postprocessing software for Sundayta Ltd.

Red Hat Linux, Java, C, DOM, JTidy, Tomcat, Apache, Melati, XSL, Velocity, Webmacro, Jetty, JServ , OCR postprocessing, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Ant, JUnit
August 1999 Bohemian Enterprise.

Trading as Czech sole trader.

Continued to work mainly for Jaydeen Commercials and related businesses.

Red Hat Linux, Windows, Java, Clipper, HTML, XML, XSL, Apache, JServ, JavaScript, Computer language processing, import-export business administration , XBase, make, imake, RCS
March 1997 Aurora Software Limited, Czech Branch.

Import-export business administration software for Jaydeen Commercials, UK

Bohemian Crafts business.

Red Hat Linux, Windows, Java, Clipper, HTML, JavaScript, Import-export business administration, XBase, make, imake, RCS
January 1996 Jaydeen Commercials.

Import-export business administration system.

Winton Needs for Care Assessment management and negotiations.

Linux, Windows, Unix, Novell, Windows, Clipper, C, Import-export business administration, XBase, make, RCS
January 1995 Aurora Software Limited.

First year in Prague, business and technical research. Cultural too!

Linux, Unix, C++, Tk/Tcl, Business administration, XBase, Postgres, make, RCS
January 1994 IBM (UK) Limited, Portsmouth, UK.

Workflow rules compiler.

OS/2, MVS, VM/CMS, IBM Token Ring, C, lex, yacc, Cobol, C++, Language design, code generators, workflow, DB2, SQL, SQC, make, PVCS
February 1993 Aurora Software Limited.

Eiffel parser.

Linux, DOS, Unix, C, lex, yacc, Eiffel, C++, Computer language translation., make, RCS
July 1992 BNR (Europe) Limited, Maidenhead, UK. (Part of Nortel).

Automated test of BT international gateway billing system.

HP UX, Solaris, Unix, C, Automated testing, parsing, Unix processes, pipes and signals, DMS telephone exchange, call accounting/billing , make
September 1991 Aurora Software Limited.

Travelled widely. Formed Aurora Software Limited.

November 1990 Orbitel Mobile Communications Ltd., Basingstoke, UK.

Command and response router for GSM operations and management system.

Ultrix, Unix, C, yacc, Sybase, GSM Operations and Management, CCITT Z.300 Command Line Interpretor, Command and Response Router using Matra IPC. , Functional decomposition, SDL , C shell, make, sccs
April 1990

Preparation for a career as a freelance software engineer.

DOS, Clipper, DB3
October 1989 Nortel, Maidenhead, UK.

Parser for telephone exchange configuration data.

Xenix, C, lex, yacc, Switch Configuration Upgrade., C shell, sccs
May 1989 Nortel, Maidenhead, UK.

Automated test of a data packet network call accounting system.

VAX/VMS, C, Automated Test System for data packet network call accounting system. , DCL
October 1988 Tudor Computing Ltd., Esher, Surrey.

TudorVox voice messaging system.

Intel RMX, C, BDMS, Voice Messaging
September 1986 Racal Research Ltd., Reading, UK.

Worked on a variety of project throughout the Racal Group.

VAX/VMS, DOS, Fortran, C, Information theory, secure algorithms, error-control algorithms, mathematical modelling, statistical testing, mobile communications, storage devices, bank card systems , DCL, MMS, CMS, LaTeX

Education and Qualifications

End date Organisation Qualifications
June 1986 University of London B.Sc.(Hons.) Mathematics
June 1983 Stowmarket High School G.C.E. 'S' and 'A' Levels in Mathematics and Physics (top grades)
June 1981 Stowmarket High School G.C.E. 'O' Levels


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